Solar PCU

Solar PCU is single/ three phase output, bi-directional inverter system. Solar Photovoltaic Panels are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy. These Solar PV Panels produce DC power. Our Solar PCU operates in parallel with the grid utility. This DC power is then used to charge the batteries through charge controller.

Additional energy will be exported to the grid via the same bi-directional PCU system. Whenever grid voltage and frequency goes beyond the operating range, the same will be disconnected from the grid. PCU will supply the continuous power to load without any interruptions.

The PCU is the heart of the Solar PV system. The function of the PCU is to convert the direct current (DC) generated by the PV arrays to Alternating Current (AC).Solar Off-grid solar power inverter adopts Digital Intelligent Control and complete high frequency conversion topology, with high reliability and strong anti-interference.

The rating input voltage is 24V/48V and rated power rating is 500W to 10KW. This Solar PCU is widely used in the solar power supply system such as communications, transportation, islands, border, rural, pastoral areas, etc.

GEESYS Solar UPS makes the use of sunlight with which the batteries can generate and store electricity for later uses. A Solar off Grid Inverter can convert Direct Current (DC) energy from the batteries to Alternating Current (AC) which can power the electric appliances. Enertech India one of the leading MPPT solar inverter manufacturers offers solar off grid inverters to provide conditioned AC power to its customers. The built in MPPT based designed solar charge controller helps in regularizing the power flow.

Single Phase Solar PCU : 500VA to 20KVA Solar Inverter

Three Phase Solar PCU : 10KVA to 100KVA Solar Inverter

  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar UPS
  • Solar-Grid (Hybrid) Inverter
  • Solar-Grid Tie (On-Grid) Inverter

GEESYS solar products are the solution to your need to have your business up and running on a 24/7 basis by harnessing the green and abundant energy of the sun. GEESYS solar products can address your energy needs even in remote areas to power communications equipment, computer peripheral equipment and also household appliances. GEESYS products have been designed to help you conserve energy and protect the environment with its unique MCU Control. The products come with a host of functions such as multi-setting mode, MPPT Control, voltage stabilization on line, short circuit protection, Inverter frequency adaptive, output overload, battery charging management, remote monitoring. GEESYS products are the ideal solution for backup power requirements with high performance equipped with high stability, high reliability and high practical applicability.

Solar PV Power --> Battery Power --> Grid Power
Solar PV Power --> Grid Power --> Battery Power

  • Main Functional Features of Solar Charge Controllers:
  • Multi-Setting
  • PV Priority Mode or AC or AC Priority Mode
  • Choose the charging current based on the configured capacity of the battery.
  • High Reliability: Double MPU digital Control
  • Independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Control Microprocessor System
  • Independent Inverter Microprocessor Control system
  • Isolated and pure sine wave technology
  • LCD + LED display mode
  • Wide input range
  • High speed synchronous conversion
  • Friendly alarm system
  • Unattended and intelligent monitoring (RS232 or USB, SNMP)
  • Online Protection function
  • Intelligent No-load auto shutdown technology (Optional)
  • Frequency adaptive
  • Three stage Charging
  • Over voltage/Over current protection
  • Optional relays to control Mains charger and Inverter.
  • Lower System Cost


Product Series GEESYS
  • M122448
Battery Voltage 12V; 24V; 48V;
Max. Efficiency > 98%
Own Power Consumption < 30mA
Rated Charging Current 10A; 20A; 30A; 40A; 50A; 60A;
Rated Load Current 10A; 20A; 30A; 40A; 50A; 60A;
Voltage Drop of Charge Circuit < 0.40V
Voltage Drop of Load Circuit < 0.35V
Equalization Charge Voltage 14.6V/29.2V/58.4V (Used only when battery is deep discharged)
Buck Charge Voltage 14.2V/28.4V/56.8V
Float Charge Voltage 13.8V/27.2V/54.4V
Temperature Compensation -3mv/'C/2V
Control Mode PWM/MPPT
Permitted Operation Temperature Range -20'C ~ +55oC
Dimensions L x B x H in mm


  • Domestic Applications
  • Corporate Applications
  • Industrial Applications