Pure Sine Wave Online UPS

GEESYS Pure Sine Wave Online UPS provides an uninterrupted power supply and prevents damage to hardware and loss of data during phenomena like mains-line failures, mini-blackouts, voltages fluctuations, lightning, electrostatic discharge and rapid over-voltages, which found in all environments. We are a dependable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pure Sine Wave Online UPS.

  • GEESYS 1/1 UPS System
  • GEESYS HF 1/1 UPS System
  • GEESYS TX 1/1 UPS System
  • GEESYS TX 3/1 UPS System

GEESYS HF 1/1 UPS System
The function of a MPPT is analogous to the transmission in a car. When the transmission is in the wrong gear, the wheels do not receive maximum power. That's because the engine is running either slower or faster than its ideal speed range. The purpose of the transmission is to couple the engine to the wheels; in a way that lets the engine run in a favorable speed range in spite of varying acceleration and terrain let compare a PV module to a car engine. Its voltage is analogous to engine speed. It is ideal voltage is that at which it can put out maximum power. This is called its maximum power point. (It's also called peak power voltage, abbreviated Vpp). Vpp varies with sunlight intensity and with solar cell temperature. The voltage of the battery is analogous to the speed of the car's wheels. It varies with battery state of charge, and with the loads on the system (any appliances and lights that may be on). For a 12V system, it varies from about 11 to 14.5V.

In order to charge a battery (increase its voltage), the PV module must apply a voltage that is higher than that of the battery; if the PV module's Vpp is just slightly below the battery voltage, then the current drops nearly to zero (like an engine turning slower than the wheels). So, to play it safe, typical PV modules are made with a Vpp of around 17V when measured at a cell temperature of 25'C. They do that because it will drop to around 15V on a very hot day. However, on a very cold day, it can rise to 18V!

  • Main Functional Features of Single Phase UPS System:
  • Microprocessor based design
  • Built-in automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • Extended battery run-time -Models
  • Full time EMI/RFI suppression
  • Telephone / Modem / Fax / Ethernet line surge production
  • Cold start capability
  • Printer surge protection
  • PC Interface and advanced power monitoring software
  • Smart battery management
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Extended Back-up Time (optional)
  • Sine Wave Output reliable and constant
  • Double Conversion technology
  • DSP based PWM technology
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Upgradable on site
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Static by-pass switch (optional)
  • Wider input voltage and frequency window
  • Provides extra long back-up for computers
  • Uninterrupted power for computers - no reboots during power cuts
  • DSP Based Intelligent Control Circuit
  • User friendly LCD Display (Message and Faults)
  • Auto Self test on LCD
  • DSP Based Smart Charger
  • Smarter Overload Sense & Short Circuit Protection
  • High surge withstand capability (upto 300%)
  • Easy to Service
  • Battery State Monitoring
  • Three Stage Battery Charger
  • Great Power Saving
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Future Expandability possible
  • IGBT based technology

  • Point-of-Sale Equipment
  • Home PCâs
  • Communication Equipments
  • Electronic gadgets
  • PCâs with advanced Multimedia features
  • Entry level servers
  • Scanner
  • Inkjet / Laser Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Point of sale terminals
  • LAN