Online UPS

Manufactured in confirmation to an advanced set of technological principles, this Online UPS is known for working in even the harshest of environment conditions. We are ranked as a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a wide array of Online UPS, which comprises Pure Sine Wave Online UPS and Double Conversion Online UPS.

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The GEESYS 3/3 UPS includes the 10 KVA to 200 KVA (3 phase input, 3 phase output) Double Conversion On- Line UPS with an isolation transformer at Output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output power. We are among the reliable Manufactures, Suppliers and Exporters of Double

GEESYS Pure Sine Wave Online UPS provides an uninterrupted power supply and prevents damage to hardware and loss of data during phenomena like mains-line failures, mini-blackouts, voltages fluctuations, lightning, electrostatic discharge and rapid over-voltages, which found in all environments. We are a dependable Manufacturer, Exporter and